8.30      Registration of participants and Welcome Coffee  

9.00      Welcome by Carisma RCT and the  Secretaries of State, Republic of San Marino  

9.05      OPENING REMARKS – Opening of the session and introduction by the Chairman

9.15       KEYNOTE SPEECH – Increase the digital transformation at development driver to be competitive in the Industry 4.0 era

9.45      PANEL SESSION – Digital Agenda for sustainable growth: state of the art, policies and instruments at European and local level

11.00     Coffee Break & Networking

11.30     PANEL SESSION – From modernization to transformation: effectively implement a digitalization   plan  in the company

              Opening Keynote Panel The Digitization of the Manufacturing Industry: how to overcome the challenges in  turning theory into practice 

12.50     CASE HISTORY – Rethinking processes and organization from a Smart Factory perspective: a   concrete example

13.20     Summary of the morning session by the Chairman

13.30     Lunch & Networking

15.00     FOCUS ON– The impact of digitalisation in terms of productivity improvement, cost optimization and Design-to-Value Transformation: what is changing in Southeast Asia?

15.30     PANEL SESSION – Opportunities and risks of digital transformation for a sustainable future of countries, industries and individuals: experiences from the world

16.45     CASE HISTORY – Servitization: utilize digital technology to reconfigure the business model from the product to the product-service   

17.15      Closing of the session   

17.30     Cocktail and private visit to San Marino museum

20.00    Gala Dinner

8.15      Registration and Welcome Coffee

8.40     OPENING REMARKS – Opening of the session and introduction by the Chairman Business Reinvention: Enabling technologies and capabilities to compete in a context of great transformation

8.50     PANEL SESSION – Smart Manufacturing and enabling technologies: accelerate the transformation of the company from a data-driven perspective

9.40     FOCUS ON – Data Ownership and Cybersecurity

10.10     PANEL SESSION – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to manufacturing: How do man-machine roles and relationships change in decision-making, management and operational processes?

              Opening Keynote Panel:  The Frontiers of Machine Learning 

11.20     Coffee Break & Networking

11.50     PANEL SESSIONIn an increasingly data-driven economy, how to adopt Digital Capabilities to enable

               Opening Keynote Panel: How to Be a Digital Leader 

13.10     CLOSING KEYNOTE – Impact of the digital era on the global economy: why digital transformation must be ethically sustainable?

13.40    Summary of the morning session by the Chairman

13.50    Lunch

15.20    PARALLEL SESSIONS-Single-topic follow up sessions, led by experts in the field, with presentation of business cases, in practice, to analyze and discuss topics of specific interest 

17.20     Closing of the session